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Introduction to Agilit-e

This page provides a basic overview of Agilit-e, enough to have you quickly understanding its purpose and how it can be used in your environment.


Agilit-e, pronounced "agility", is a low-code, agile, integration service portal. Agilit-e allows for the configuration of API profiles that scale across multiple modules, to create custom microservices and integrations.

Below are just a few of the many features and services that Agilit-e provides:

  • Profiling of business processes to manage flows of documents created and submitted via 3rd party applications (aka: BPM as a Service)
  • Profiling of numbering rules to generate unique, readable numbers for any content management system or other use cases
  • Centralization of lists and key/value pairs (e.g. Leave Types, Company Branches, etc.)
  • Conversion of data from one format to another (e.g. EXCEL to JSON & vice-versa)
  • Configuration of integration points to various 3rd party applications and services, whether on-premise or in the cloud (e.g. Web APIs, REST, SQL, etc.)
  • Adhoc services to generate PDFs, format date/time values, generate UUIDs, etc.

To understand more about what Agilit-e offers, go to:

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