Why use Agilit-e

This section helps you understand why one would use Agilit-e versus other solutions

We always strive for more

There is not a single slow day at Agilit-e. We're too busy researching, proofing and deploying the best of what's next in technology and innovation.

Here at Agilit-e we are always looking to improve the services we offer, the technologies we use and the way in which we approach problem solving. As the name suggests, we are an agile group of developers that will adapt, change and learn given any new challenge. We are a group of people that will take into account all of the factors.

Reading about a technology is not enough, before we implement any solution, system or service; we test all different approaches extensively as well as cast a wide research net to find out if there are other better solutions. We are not afraid to work through the night to fundamentally understand a technology's capabilities better.

The Agilit-e family does not involve ego, due to that, you can always expect us to work as a team to guarantee you the best solution to the problem. We are a company that strives off of teamwork and building one another up. A team is always better than a bunch of individuals.

We have a unique approach to learning and teaching. Through Immersion and Diverse Repetition, we can understand a problem and solve it with the best possible solution as efficiently as possible. Between these unique approaches to things, we have a very different outlook to issues than any other company. And we are never afraid to admit when we are wrong and then rectify said mistake.

Between our devops strategy and microservice architecture, you can expect new releases to occur frequently. Here at Agilit-e we strive towards continuous delivery and innovation

A central profile and credential store

With Agilit-e, all module profiles are stored in a central location. Because Agilit-e is designed as a microservice-first solution, any profile is accessible via an API, as long as the requestor is properly authenticated.

i.e. This means that all configurations and profiles can be stored centrally in Agilit-e and accessed using HTTP Requests via any 3rd party platform or application.

Create seamless flows with Agilit-e and Node-RED

Node-RED is a flow-based programming tool for the Internet of Things. Using Node-RED, you can chain together multiple services and functions to form an entire workflow process using APIs. Agilit-e makes this process even more dynamic, allowing you to profile all the necessary APIs using Agilit-e's Admin Portal and call them when needed via Node-RED.

See below example of a Node-RED editor (The light-red nodes belong to Agilit-e).


Node-RED Flow integrating with Agilit-e

By Students / For Students

Agilit-e consists of a group of people that learn new things on the daily, there is not a day that goes by at Agilit-e where we are not learning new things or technologies.

Due to this, we fully understand what is needed for a student of the industry. If you are new, experienced, young or old, Agilit-e is for you. Here we try to cater for everyone as best as possible by creating extensive documentation and trying to explain everything as simply as we can, all the time. We are all for learning, having created quite extensive education content and resources. We have created Github Projects, NPM Modules as well as a YouTube Account.

By Developers / For Developers

Agilit-e is developed and maintained by a team of developers who all share a common goal of not having to re-write the same functionality more than once.

Thanks to the accumulated experience of over 300 development projects across multiple industries, Agilit-e's purpose was made clear and today provides many services that eliminate the development work of most projects.

Optimized Performance, Security and Best Practice. No Exceptions!

Agilit-e strives for the best in performance, scalability and security. We continually challenge ourselves to make the Agilit-e framework quicker, better and more secure.

Agilit-e is also designed as an API first solution, based on a microservices architecture and strategy.