Introduction to Agilit-e

This page provides a basic overview of Agilit-e, enough to have you quickly understanding its purpose and how it can be used in your environment.

Company Mission

To reduce technical debt and erosion for new and existing solutions by providing the tooling and best practice for rapid, secure, scalable and performant solution development.

In other words, we wish to reduce the amount of future work required by providing tooling that follows best practice for solution development. Agilit-e does this by following best practices which enables the users of Agilit-e a way to easily change what needs to be changed down the line. We as a company wish to strive for greater, by always improving our services in performance, ability and features.

Company Vision

For Agilit-e to be the chosen platform for developing and delivering cutting-edge solutions, irrespective of technology stack or skill level.

In other words, we want Agilit-e to be the platform that everyone uses to create the most cutting-edge solutions, irrespective of technical skill level and which coding languages you use.


Agilit-e, pronounced "agility", is a low-code, agile, integration service portal. Agilit-e allows for the configuration of API profiles that scale across multiple modules, to create custom microservices and integrations (between systems)

Below are just a few of the many features and services that Agilit-e provides:

  • Profiling of business processes to manage flows of documents created and submitted via 3rd party applications (aka: BPM as a Service)
  • Profiling of numbering rules to generate unique, readable numbers for any content management system or other use cases
  • Centralization of lists and key/value pairs (e.g. Leave Types, Company Branches, etc.)
  • Conversion of data from one format to another (e.g. EXCEL to JSON & vice-versa)
  • Configuration of integration points to various 3rd party applications and services, whether on-premise or in the cloud (e.g. Web APIs, REST, SQL, etc.)
  • Adhoc services to generate PDFs, format date/time values, generate UUIDs, etc.

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