Data Mapping Use Cases

This section provides use cases/examples of the Data Mapping Module

Use Case 1


  • Let's assume that I run a staffing company and I want to assign Waiter IDs to Table IDs, however I would like to put this in a readable format so that I can easily link the Waiters to an Excel sheet that has all of the information that they will need for the night.

    Here I can configure a Data Mapping profile to help me. I would set up a JSON to Excel profile that can be sent data dynamically that will be assigned to certain cells within the Excel sheet.

    That way I would just need to make an API call from within my app to the Data Mapping profile every time a waiter would like to view their Table ID or other relevant information.

Use Case 2


  • Let's assume that I own a transportation company, at said company I do predictive modelling. I could use the Data Mapping Module to setup an Excel to JSON configuration and use that to translate the modelling data that I have in Excel into JSON so that I can send that along for someone else to use.

    This would make my life alot easier, because instead of having to pass along an Excel via the cloud (or a hard drive), then have the other person convert it. I can setup a profile that will convert it for me, as well as put the data in a format that is easy to send and secure.

Use Case 3


  • Let's assume that I own an insurance company, and at this company we need to make use of alot of integration with other companies, as well as lots of different reports.

    If I wanted to create an overarching report that contained information from an API integration as well as from an Excel report, then I could make use of the Data Mapping Module. I would create a JSON to JSON Data Mapping profile that would extract the relevant information from the response that I received from my API call.

    I would then create an Excel to Excel profile to extract the relevant information from the report. I would then create an Excel to JSON profile, as well as a JSON to Excel profile. The former would be used to convert the relevant report data into a JSON object, which I can then attach to my first JSON to JSON profile response data (ie the relevant information I got the from the API call).

    Then I would use the latter (JSON to Excel profile) to take the overall JSON object which now contains the API call information as well as the report Information and convert this into an Excel spreadsheet. Thus creating a Summary Report that contains different information sources.


Food for thought

These use cases/examples are here to show you how the Data Mapping Module can be used within real world scenarios as well as to explain the different elements that exist within the Module.