Tier Structures Overview

This section provides an overview of the Tier Structures Module

Tier Structures are basically key/value pairs in a tier structure. This is extremely useful in real life scenarios.

As an example, think about a company structure. Your boss would be on tier/level 1, you and your colleagues would be on tier/level 2, and the employees under you would on tier/level 3. This would make it easy to discern which employees are at which levels, and it would also provide a very nice way of distinguishing whom works for whom.

In more technical terms, Tier Structures is a module that allows for the creation and management of various lists and key/value pairs in different Tiers that can be used either programmatically or for capture forms. Examples of lists that can be configured are:

  • Countries
  • Leave Types
  • Departments
  • Branches

Tier Structures can also be used to store and reference key/value pairs in multiple Tiers . Examples of this include:

  • Creating a Keyword profile that holds the connection details for a specific server
  • Returning the email address for the Support Desk team of the company you work for


Understanding the Module

If you are struggling to understand this module then we advise that you revisit the Keywords Module