Obtaining an API Key (Agilit-e Token)

This section describes how to generate an Agilit-e Token to be used for API Calls

An Application Programming Interface Key or better known as an API Key, is basically a secret key that tells Agilit-e (or any technology for that matter) whom we are working with and which user profile is the API call aimed at. Without API Keys we would not know whom is trying to access the data. We will just see that a call has been made to retrieve the numbering profile, but the API Key tells us which user is trying to access which numbering profile. This means that profiles can have common names across users, ie if Sarah has a numbering profile named "Leave forms" and Thabo also has a numbering profile named "Leave forms" then we will know which one to get because they have unique API Keys.

API Keys also allow us to authenticate the user that is making the call. So instead of having any random person using our APIs and our portal, we force you as the user to create and get the API key in order to send that to us (Agilit-e) so that we can see that you actually have access to the services.

Refer to the API Keys section for more on how to create and generate an API Key.

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