Execute Your JSON to Excel Data Mapping Profile

In this section you will execute your JSON to Excel Data Mapping Profile

  1. Using Postman provide the following headers in your request
  • api-key - Unique Agilit-e Generated API Key
  • profile-key - json2excel (Profile Key of the Data Mapping Profile)
  • Content-Type: application/json


Regarding API Keys

Note: You will need to create an API Key, as mentioned earlier in the API Keys Module section of the documentation. Once the API Key is provided for one API, it will exist for the rest of the APIs.

  1. Provide the body data/JSON that will be used in the Data Mapping Profile
  1. Click on the "Send" button to execute the Data Mapping Profile


The response will contain the following meta data.

    "_id": "id",
    "createdBy": "user",
    "modifiedBy": "user",
    "data": {
        "fileName": "firstExcel.xlsx",
        "parentId": "",
        "contentType": "application/octet-stream"
    "createdAt": "",
    "updatedAt": "",
    "__v": 0

The _id will be a unique number, copy and save the _id as you will need it later on.