Keywords Use Cases

This section provides use cases/examples of the Keywords Module

Use Case 1


  • Let's assume that I run a restaurant, and I have 2 groups of staff that rotate on a daily basis. The Keywords Module can really help me here because each night I need to assign waiters and they need to be able to view the data somewhere.

    I then decide to send out an automated email to each of them on the day of their shift with the table number that I would like them to work. I can use the Keywords profile by creating a new profile and updating the table ID that is linked to the waiter ID.

    I would put the waiter ID in the value column as this is what we will reference in our program, and we will place the table ID (the thing that we wish to display) in label as this is what we wish to email the waiter.

Use Case 2


  • Let's assume that I run a transport company and that I would like to associate which buses are being driven by which drivers. Here the Keywords Module can be very advantageous as it can store static data for me that I can reference at a later point.

    Thus I would assign the value to the bus driver's ID as I generally search through my drivers to see which bus they drive, then I would put the bus's ID in the label field as this is what I am linking the bus driver's ID to.

Use Case 3


  • Let's assume that I run a law firm and we need to store all of our digital files as hard copies. However I have 100's of clients and 5 rooms worth of files and folders standing around. Here the Keywords Module could help me alot, as yet again I have static data that I can access to tell me what I need to know.

    I would basically configure a Keywords profile that would link the location of the hard copy to the hard copy ID. So I would assign the file/folder ID to value and then assign the location of the hard copy file/folder to the label field.

    This will then work as an organisational tool for me and my company as I now have an easy way to access where everything is. If I then wish to move things later on, I can simply configure the profile to match the changes.


Food for thought

These use cases/examples are here to show you how the Keywords Module can be used within real world scenarios as well as to explain the different elements that exist within the Module.