Test Your Roles Profile

Go to the Agilit-e API Reference page.

  1. Navigate to the Roles Execution APIs category under the Agilit-e Roles section, followed by clicking on the /getRole menu item.
  1. Click on the user icon on the top right of the API logic and populate the generated Agilit-e token into the api-key field.


Regarding API Keys

Note: You will need to create an API Key, as mentioned earlier in the API Keys Module section of the documentation. Once the API Key is provided for one API, it will exist for the rest of the APIs.

  1. In the Headers section provide the Role Name and the Conditional Levels: (i.e Manager of IT)
  1. Click on the Try It button to execute the API.
  • The Response Object will contain the Role ID and the Responsible User for that Role
  "roleIds": [
  "responsibleUsers": [
  	"John Doe"

What’s Next